About Us

"We help to enhance the living spaces of discerning home owners creating that "Aah it's great to be home' feeling".


Our Company Values:

  • Customer is more important than the sale

  • Life is too short for not loving what we do

  • Creating value from knowledge

  • We do the right thing

Our Additional Brand Values:

  • Quality of products and service, reliability and flexibility

Meet the Team


Mark McNaughten

My vision is to provide a great environment to help you to enhance your home and lifestyle.


Andrew Brown

Welcome to homeward and our wonderful team who take such pride in keeping the store looking great and love to help you choose the perfect pieces for your home.


Bev McNaughten

Come in and see us at homeward. We have so much to offer and we look forward to sharing what we do with you.


Heather McFarlane

I would love to share my knowledge and experience with you and help you make great choices for your home.


Kay Hodges

With all our new eclectic designer pieces coming through, I am eager to help you make great decisions on the look for your home.


Jason Forster

I am currently the truck driver, salesman and carpet consultant so I am spread about the company quite well.


Stacey O’Hearn

I enjoy playing with all our beautiful pieces and I look forward to helping you find the perfect designs for your home.


Kaitlyn Saunders

I have been working on homeward’s website for over two years now as my part time job. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Business at the University of Waikato.