Bake & Roast Pack

Bake & Roast Pack


Anything you roast or bake in your kitchen oven can be done on your Ziggy! Use the optional Bake & Roast pack to shield the heat directly under your food and ensure a perfect bake every time. The pack includes a deflector tray, heat diffuser and baking rack.

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The deflector tray is placed directly on the grill and acts as a heat shield from the powerful burners below

The heat diffuser slides into the baking rack creating a second barrier to further soften the heat. The heat diffuser should always be used when baking and is optional to use when roasting.

The baking rack sits in the deflector tray, elevates the dish off the grill and allows the heat to circulate above and below, ensuring even airflow for great baking results

Vitreous enameled drip tray to collect pan juices

Suits all model grills