Triple Grill Baking Dish and Rack

Triple Grill Baking Dish and Rack


Preparing succulent roasts in your Big Ziggy is a breeze with the help of the optional Baking Dish and Roasting Rack.  Simply lift out the centre grill and replace with the optional baking dish; it will sit flush with the side grills. Place your meat onto the fitted roasting rack to allow heat to circulate evenly around it, creating perfectly roasted meat every time!

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Includes a roasting rack for even heat circulation

Perfect for lasagna, potato bakes or even damper – use it to roast vegetables, or without the rack for a scrumptious potato au gratin or barbeque lasagna. The roasting rack then doubles as a great baking dish serving stand.

Made from solid cast iron for maximum heat efficiency with a matte vitreous enameled finish, the baking dish is rust protected and can be put straight into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.